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A Force Rendering Model for Virtual Assembly of China Mechanical Parts with Clearance Fits


Realistic force sensation can help operators better fee […]

Realistic force sensation can help operators better feel and China Mechanical Parts (XINGHUI) for virtual assembly. Moreover, for the VA of mechanical parts, it is necessary to consider their tolerance levels to apply proper assembly forces. Out of the three common assembly fit types, the type of clearance fit is the focus of virtual manual assembly, as parts with such fit type require precise force feedback to assist users’ assembly operations. This study proposes a novel force rendering model for VA of mechanical parts with clearance fits. By decomposing an actual assembly operation into three consecutive states, the corresponding forces are formulated.

A prototype system is designed and developed to implement the model, and comparative case studies are conducted to investigate the users’ performance with the other three common approaches, namely, a typical WIMP (window-icon-menu-pointer) interface with CAD software, a physics simulation with collision detection and the approach that combines physics simulation and geometric constraints restriction. The results have shown that the proposed model is more realistic by providing continuous and realistic force feedback to the users. The users’ feeling of immersion and their operational efficiency are greatly enhanced with the force sensation provided.

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