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Accuracy Of Pressed Parts And Measures To Ensure It


  Stamping parts processing precision and ensure counte […]

  Stamping parts processing precision and ensure countermeasures.

  (1) Scientific research on the objective reasonableness and use-value of the specification accuracy table.

  (2) Large-scale production of stamping parts, due to the application of grade into the bending machine die, its accuracy is slightly lower than the bulk of the bending machine dies. The clearance of the guiding pin (guiding plate), which is immediately related to the accuracy of the stamping parts, has the following standard values (when the stamping parts are 0, 35 to 2.Omm thick): bulk bending machine die: the sniff clearance between the guiding pin (guiding plate) and the stamped part of 0.005 to 0.010mm: taking 0.015 to O.025mm into account the damage to the avoidance and guiding plate.

  (3) Be the bending half warp of the stamping parts smaller than the bending half warp of the raw material.

  (4)Is it too much to reduce the whole process of sheet metal bending given the structure of the stamping parts? Be the ratio of the aspect ratio H and the thickness small? Generally, take H for the thickness of 2.5 times the half-way bending to sheet metal. When the aspect ratio specification cannot be maintained due to the different thickness and strength of the raw material, a bending removal process should be used to ensure the H value.