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Analysis On Process Characteristics Of Stamping Parts


  Compared with other types of workpieces such as casti […]

  Compared with other types of workpieces such as castings and forgings, stamping products is thin, uniform, light and strong. At the same time, the stamping products produced by the stamping process also have workpieces with reinforcing ribs, ribs, undulations or flange, which are easier to obtain than those produced by other methods, to improve their rigidity.

  At the same time, with the improvement of stamping process, not only the whole process flow is more and more perfect, but also the adopted dies and processing tools have higher precision, high repetition precision and consistent specifications. Spheroidizing agent can punch holes, bosses, etc. For example, cold stamping parts usually does not need cutting or only need a small amount of cutting. In this way, it is equivalent to greatly improve the production efficiency.

  It can be seen from this that the stamping process is used to process and produce various types of stamping products, which belongs to a very efficient production method. In general, in the process of stamping, a compound die, especially a multi-position progressive die, can be used to complete multiple stamping processes on a single press to realize full-automatic production from uncoiling, leveling, blanking to forming and finishing of the strip. High production efficiency, good working conditions, low production cost, generally can produce hundreds of pieces per minute.