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Attentions In The Processing Of Precision China Mechanical Parts


  When CNC machine tools are used to process precision […]

  When CNC machine tools are used to process precision China mechanical parts in batches, we must pay special attention to the accuracy of the machining. So what problems should we pay attention to when precision machinery is added?

  1. The processing accuracy of China mechanical parts in batches is poor. Generally, it is because the feed dynamics between the axes is not adjusted according to the errors during installation and adjustment, or because the drive chain of the machine tool has changed after wear and tear. It can be solved by readjusting and modifying the gap compensation amount.

  When the dynamic tracking error is too large to alarm, you can check whether the servo motor speed is too high. Whether the position detection element is good. The position feedback cable connector is in good contact. Whether the corresponding analog output latch and gain potentiometer is good. Whether the corresponding servo drive is normal.

  2. The machining accuracy caused by the machine tool overshoot is not good. The acceleration and deceleration time may be too short, and the speed change time can be appropriately extended. It may also be that the connection between the servo motor and the screw is loose or the rigidity is too poor, and the gain of the position loop can be appropriately reduced.