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Automobile Press Parts Stamping Process


  Stamping products is widely used, such as the electro […]

  Stamping products is widely used, such as the electronics industry, machinery industry, furniture industry, automotive industry, etc. So what are the requirements for stamping parts used in the automotive industry? Take a look below;

  When designing the mechanical shape of the automobile press parts, a simple and reasonable structure should be adopted to minimize the number of processing surfaces and processing area;

  The materials used for automobile press parts should not only meet the technical requirements of product design but also to meet the processing requirements of cutting, plating, cleaning and other processes after stamping;

  Requirements for the forming performance of automobile press parts; to facilitate stamping deformation and improvement of stamping parts, the material should have good mold ability and the material yield strength should be smaller than the ratio of the elastic modulus. For the separation process, the material does not need to be very good Plasticity, the better the plasticity, the harder it is to separate;

  The stamping oil used in the processing of automobile press parts should meet the process requirements. Special-purpose stamping oil with good performance can improve the processing environment and improve the accuracy of parts;

  Generally, automobile press parts use sheet materials, thin-walled tubes, and thin sections as raw materials for stamping. The punches and molds are used to deform or break stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other sheet materials and heterogeneous materials to achieve shape and size.