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Bakelite Parts Manufacturers And Suppliers In China


We are a prominent and highly recognized China Bakelite […]

We are a prominent and highly recognized China Bakelite Parts manufacturers and China Bakelite parts suppliers. We can provide high quality metal castings with an annual production capacity high. nbstarlite's Bakelite parts products at excellent prices to assist our customers to be competitive in their own markets and Industries.
NINGBO STARLITE MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. was found in 2006,located in the port city- NINGBO ZHEJIANG. We are a professional manufacturer of stamping, welding, plastic injection and SMC, BMC molding, assembling. Our products are widely used in Telecom , elevator, automobile, construction machinery, electrical appliance and other fields. We passed the ISO9001:2015 system certification.
Bakelite products have unique properties of low density with high stability stability, surface hardness, gloss heat resistance to corrosion and electrical insulation properties.
Clamping Unit:
1.) Optimized Platen Design with high rigidity and enlarged space between tie bars
2.) Euromap-based Platen Layout with both T-slot & tap holes, locating design in moving platen to better suit various molds
3.) New ejection system design with longer ejection stroke, bigger space and better rigidity
4.) Hydraulic drivien gear-type mold height adjustion mechanism
5.) Relocation of mechanical safety interlock for easier operation
6.) linkage structure for front connecting rod increases connectingrod's strength greatly, as well as the whole clamping unit's rigidity & accuracy.
Injection Unit:
1.) High Quality Linear Motion Guide ensure the smooth & accuracy of injection process
2.) High Speed ​​& Pressure injection structure can improve the injection speed
3.) Double nozzle cylinder ensures more even & stable structure
4.) Specilized screw barrel design for various appliance
Hydraulic System:
1.) The double proportional compound valve control system pressure & flow, highly sensitive & stable
2.) Imported high quality Pump, low in noise, long in lifespan & stable in performance
3.) World-famous servo hydraulic system optional, better performance in lower noise & energy saving
4.) The precise feedback control of servo system to the pressure & flow, with higher sensitivity & more accurate repeatability
5.) High performance hydraulic valve, less failure, fast switch, convenient maintenance
6.) Low pressure mold protect system, which is more suitable for the precise mould
7.) Greese & lubrication oil in dependent lubrication system can lubricate everywhere in the best situation