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Cause Analysis Of Burrs In Metal Stamping Parts


  During the processing of metal stamping parts, someti […]

  During the processing of metal stamping parts, sometimes it is found that the stamping parts have burrs of different sizes, which have a certain impact on the product quality. So what are the causes of burrs on metal stamping parts? The following technician Ming Fengqing will sort out and introduce them.

  First, the blade is blunt. Burrs can result from dull cutting edges or stings. The factors affecting the dulling of the cutting edge are:

  1. The material of the convex and concave molds of the mold and its surface treatment is poor, and the wear resistance is poor;

  2. Poor die structure, poor rigidity, causing stings;

  3. It is not lubricated in time during operation and wears quickly;

  4, did not sharpen the cutting edge in time.