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Common Faults In The Production Of Sheet Metal Parts


  (1) .Glitch   In electrical steel blanking, burrs are […]

  (1) .Glitch

  In electrical steel blanking, burrs are inevitable. But changing the stamping conditions of the sheet metal parts can reduce the burr.

  Cause ①: The cutting edge is worn.

  Countermeasure: Sharpen the cutting edge to make it sharp.

  Cause ②: The gap is too large or the effect is not obvious after sharpening.

  Countermeasure: Change the design size of the convex die, or replace it with new spare parts.

  Reason ③: There are many bright bands of punching, and the gap is too small.

  Handling countermeasures: Increase punching clearance by grinding and other methods. (The repairs must be confirmed according to the product drawing

  The full male dies or female die).

  Cause ④: The blade is broken.

  Handling countermeasures: Replace with new spare parts or re-sharpen after padding.

  Cause ⑤: The parallelism between the punch is poor.

  Countermeasures: Repair the punch and adjust the parallelism of the punch.

  Cause ⑥: After the mold is installed, the upper and lower positions are misaligned.

  Countermeasure: Replace the guidance system. (Note: Paper can be cut for inspection on the punch.)