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Cutting Method Of Sheet Metal Parts Processing


  Nowadays, the use of metal plate parts is becoming mo […]

  Nowadays, the use of metal plate parts is becoming more and more widespread, and people's use needs are gradually increasing, but good quality metal plate parts can be welcomed by people. Then the quality of metal plate parts is naturally inseparable from its processing. The processing technology and steps are very important, which will directly to affect the quality of metal plate parts. There are many ways to cut out metal plate parts in processing. I don't know how much you know? Now let's take a look at the specific introduction to the way to cut metal plate parts.

  1. Shearing machine: It is a simple piece of material that is cut by a shearing machine. It is mainly prepared for diing blanking. The cost is low and the accuracy is less than 0.2. material.

  2. Punch: The punch is used to punch the flat parts after the parts are unfolded on the sheet in one or more steps to form various shapes of materials. Its advantages are short labor time, high efficiency, high accuracy, low cost, and suitable for large batches. Production, but design the mold.

  3, NC CNC blanking: When NC blanking, first write a CNC machining program. Use the programming software to write the developed drawing into a program that can be recognized by the NC digital drawing machine. Cut various flat shapes, but its structure is affected by the tool structure, the cost is low, and the accuracy is 0.15.

  4. Laser cutting: The laser cutting method is used to cut the structural shape of the flat plate on the large flat plate. The same as the NC blanking, a laser program needs to be written. It can be used to load various complex-shaped flat pieces with high cost and accuracy At 0.1.

  5, sawing machine: mainly use aluminum profiles, square tubes, figure tubes, round bars and the like, low cost, low accuracy.

  The above is the relevant introduction to the blanking method of metal plate parts processing. We may know more about sheet metal parts, but we are still relatively new to the processing of sheet metal parts. You can do some understanding so that you also have a deeper understanding of sheet metal parts. During the processing, we strictly follow the standards, but we are also very important to the selection. The quality of the purchased metal plate parts is decided by everyone. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to choose a reliable metal plate part processing manufacturers. Contact us for more information.