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Design Considerations For China Mechanical Parts


The product design process is an intellectual activity […]

The product design process is an intellectual activity process that embodies the designer's innovative thinking activities. The design process is a process of gradually approaching the solution and gradually improving it. The following points should also be noted during the design process.


(1) The design process should have a global perspective, not only the design object itself, but the design object as a system to deal with the relationship between "human-machine-environment".
(2) Be good at using creative thinking and methods, pay attention to the solution of various solutions, and avoid the limitations of solving problems.
(3) Each stage of the design should have clear objectives, pay attention to the evaluation and optimization of each stage, in order to find a solution that meets both the functional requirements and the maximum possible realization.
(4) Pay attention to feedback and necessary work cycles. Problem solving needs to be abstract to concrete, from partial to comprehensive, from uncertainty to certainty.


Mechanical parts are non-detachable basic units that make up a machine, such as bolts, screws, keys, belts, gears, shafts, springs, pins, and so on. China Mechanical Parts are divided into general parts and special parts. A general-purpose part is a part that can be widely used in various machines, and a dedicated part is a part that can be used only in a specific type of machine.