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Factors Affecting The Processing Of Automobile Press Parts


  Automobile Press Parts are common in our lives, and m […]

  Automobile Press Parts are common in our lives, and many products are made up of a wide variety of automotive stampings. Automotive stampings are a part that cannot be ignored. Below we briefly analyze the factors affecting the processing of automotive stampings.

  The loss of heat during the processing of Automobile Press Parts is an important aspect that must be considered. Usually the loss of heat is due to the uninterrupted nature of its transmission. At the time of injection molding, the heat transfer modes mainly include radiation, convection and conduction. In addition to being mostly absorbed by the mold, some of them are radiated and convected into the air.

  In the processing of Automobile Press Parts, it is necessary to increase the heat utilization rate. When forming cooling, it is necessary to lower the temperature quickly. This requires cooling the mold on the battlefield. The medium used for cooling is usually water. The reason is water. The price is low, the cost is naturally low, and the water source after cooling can be recycled. But after all, everything has advantages and disadvantages, low prices and can be selected so that it can only be used as a primary coolant.

  If you want to achieve the best cooling effect or need a cold mold to play, here is a special reminder that not the colder the better the coolant, the extremes must be reversed, too cold may have adverse effects.