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Factors Affecting The Processing Quality Of Precision Stamping Parts


  The precision stamping technology can be used to proc […]

  The precision stamping technology can be used to process precision stamping parts of a wide range of sizes, complex shapes and high accuracy, which can be used in automotive, electronics, medical and other industries. Precision stamping parts is indispensable and important parts of product assembly in these industries. They have an important role, so the quality requirements for precision stamping parts are relatively high. In the process of precision stamping, it is inevitable that unqualified products will be produced. So what factors affect the quality of precision stamping parts? The technician Mingfeng Qing will organize the introduction to everyone.

  1. Materials. Material is the primary factor affecting the quality of precision stamping parts. If the raw materials of stamping parts are inferior, it will not be able to meet the demand for high precision products, and problems such as substandard quality will occur in production.

  2. Mold. The die is a tool to ensure the shape and dimensional accuracy of the stamping part. Its design and manufacturing level are closely related to the quality of the stamping part. If the quality and installation of the stamping part mold is not qualified, the stamping requirements cannot be achieved during the processing, and it will also cause a lot of trouble for the staff, causing the quality of the product to fall short of the standard.

  3. Procedure. In the process of producing stamped parts, if the material is not fed according to the correct positioning, or the material is not fed at the correct frequency, this will also cause product problems, which will lead to unqualified product quality.

  Here are some factors that influence the quality of precision stamping parts processing. If you want to produce high-quality precision stamping parts, you need to choose good quality materials and molds. During the processing, you also need to operate in accordance with the requirements to avoid mistakes in order to ensure the quality of precision stamping parts.