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Hot Stamping Parts Has a Number of Advantages


Compared to conventional stamping at room temperature, […]

Compared to conventional stamping at room temperature, hot Stamping Parts (XINGHUI) has a number of advantages. First, hot stamping parts can homogeneously distribute strength and decrease spring back. Therefore, the dimensional accuracy of the components is greatly improved and additional sizing operations can be eliminated. Furthermore, the forming load is also reduced at elevated temperatures, and the investment for a press with larger tonnage can be significantly reduced. Another advantage of hot stamping lies in the potential for reducing the amount of forming stages that are required in cold stamping, as well as decreasing the number of presses and forming tools. For example, only one stage is required to form a B-pillar by direct hot stamping, whereas conventional stamping involves a set of tools in several stages.

Second, hot stamping provides the possibility for simultaneous control of complex microstructures during thermomechanical processing. This process can produce components with widely varying mechanical properties and combinations by using a single blank, which decreases blanking costs and allows for a smooth transition of mechanical properties. These hot-stamped components with tailored properties can avoid particular problems under crash conditions when using material with local soft areas. Additionally, complex geometries with different thicknesses and strength levels can be manufactured by tailored blanks in hot stamping. Several conventionally formed parts can be integrated in one hot-stamped component to achieve cost savings in body-in-white development. Therefore, the hot-stamped part spectrum can be augmented by new applications.

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