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How To Inspect Metal Stamping Parts


  Among the steel products we use, a large part of them […]

  Among the steel products we use, a large part of them are made by metal stamping processing, stamping processing in our lives, it has become particularly important, its function is also very powerful, then, after stamping the products produced by stamping processing, how should we test it, the following let the professional stamping processing factory to answer for us!

  When we inspect stamped parts, we usually use the inspector's touch test, which is to polish the surface of the stamped parts very cleanly with clean gauze, and then the experienced inspector wears professional gloves to touch the stamped parts longitudinally, because the experienced inspector inspects for a long time, so through their touch, we can know what kind of stamped parts are better products. In addition to this method, there is another method of inspection, which is to put a clean metal stamped part of strong light, and then apply even oil on the surface of the stamped part, because of the strong light, we can see the above defects, this is also a very practical method. There are many more ways to detect metal stamping parts, so we will not introduce them one by one here.

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