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How To Use Optical Cable Connector Box


What is the Optical Cable Connector Box? How to use the […]

What is the Optical Cable Connector Box? How to use the fiber optic quick connector? Even many workers who are new to fiber optic homes are confused. The XingHui Optical Cable Connector Box supplier introduces this.
What is the fiber optic quick connector?
The fiber optic quick connector is also used as a live connector, which can be used to connect a continuous optical path formed by two optical fibers. The optical device can be reused many times, and is quicker and more convenient to use, and mechanically connected and mechanically connected. There are two types of hot-melt type, and the connection type includes two types: pre-buried and straight-through type. Different types of optical fiber quick connectors have different materials, performance, low stability, long service life and cost.
How to use the fiber quick connector
The optical fiber quick connector mainly includes three parts: a main body, a casing and a tail cap.
1. Pass the leather cable from the tail cap and use scissors to strip the outer skin of the cable to about 5-6 cm. The peeled outer skin is then cut off and the outer skin layers on both sides are kept flush. Be careful when peeling, in case of damage to the internal fiber optic cable.
2. Place the fiber optic cable in the fixture, keep the edge of the outer skin flush with the scribe line in the fixture, and then close the clamp cover. Then use the Miller clamp to close the edge of the fixture and cut off the exposed coating to expose the fiber. Then clean the exposed white fiber with alcohol.
3. Cut the fiber with a fixture. After cutting, remove the cable from the fixture and compare it with the icon on the product package. Then align the fiber with the main hole and insert it, stop when the primary reaches the bottom of the main body. At this time, you can clearly observe that the fiber is bent. Press the white crimp cap on the bottom of the main body, and then screw the cap on the bottom. On the main body, you can attach the outer casing.