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  • Development and Application of Automatic Stamping Production Line for Automobile Press Parts


    With the rapid development of the economy and the advancement of technology, China's productivity has been rapidly improved, and the technology for the production of Automobile Press Parts (XINGHUI) h...

  • How to Rethinking Colored Bakelite Parts


    But a slew of colored knob listings recently, has me wondering if all the colored Bakelite Parts (XINGHUI) are just painted.  All these recent listings appear to be. Bakelite can be made to be just ab...

  • How Does an Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box Work?


    To understand the working principle of Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box (XINGHUI), imagine a very long straw or flexible plastic pipe. For example, imagine a pipeline several miles long. Now imagi...

  • Types of Optical Cable Connector Box


    Optical Cable Connector Box (XINGHUI) carry light signals down them in what are called modes. That sounds technical but it just means different ways of traveling: a mode is simply the path that a ligh...

  • All-New Metal Stamping Parts & Components


    New Metal Stamping Parts (XINGHUI) are specially designed for various industries to punch complex and high-precision metal stamping parts and parts. Our experienced staff will cooperate with you to ma...

  • The Complete Guide to Sheet Metal Parts Design


    Sheet Metal Parts (XINGHUI) is metal, in sheets. It’s thinner than plate metal (.25 in and thicker) but thicker than foil. It’s most commonly available in steel and aluminum, in various gauges (thickn...