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Modern Processing Of Automobile Press Parts


  In the past, the processing of automotive stampings w […]

  In the past, the processing of automotive stampings was mainly used for traditional manual operations as well as ordinary stamping parts processing equipment. The dimensional error of the processing is very large and the subsequent processing is very large. It is far from reaching the advanced level at home and abroad, and it is difficult to adapt to the car series. High sealing performance and high insulation requirements, therefore, the use of advanced stamping parts processing equipment to determine the high quality and erased parts of the car according to the automobile press parts.

  And to ensure that technical indicators are necessary, improve stamping parts processing and cutting products, and analyze the current state, as well as automobile press parts by stamping parts processing, processing stamping parts of manufacturers and foreign equipment based on the research and manufacturing level of manufacturing technology, determined It is applicable to the advanced stamping parts processing technology of automobiles, and analyzes and expounds the specific characteristics and key technical problems of the processing equipment adopting this new scheme. Ensure the machining accuracy and requirements of automotive parts.

  Today, new CNC precision cutting machines, indenter CNC drilling machines and bending machine CNC equipment have been used to improve the processing of stamped parts. The quality of the parts has improved the cost of manufacturing the car in the current process and has therefore been improved. The quality of the car makes the selection of stamping parts processing equipment correct and feasible. At the same time, thanks to the high precision and processing functions, the flexible new processing equipment CNC stamping parts processing, the factory has increased the flexibility of small-batch products in the market.

  In high-speed presses, the multi-station progressive die can be used to efficiently produce sheet metal parts with complex shapes. The structure of the multi-station progressive dies is very complicated. Sometimes a pair of molds consists of hundreds of parts to meet the needs of high-speed operation. The requirements for such molds must be made of high strength and precision machined mold materials to ensure good processing of stamped parts. At present, the body parts of household cars are mainly composed of stamping parts.