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New Design Feature of Mold in Plastic Injection Parts For Scrap Reduction


A new cross-sectional shape of a runner system in the P […]

A new cross-sectional shape of a runner system in the Plastic Injection Parts (XINGHUI). The new geometry is to reduce the scrap and cycle time and also the easier ejection of runner system from mold tools. Short shot defect in the plastic part during the injection molding process is analyzed by XINGHUI to validate the new proposed geometry. Runner system with elliptical cross-section is proposed with the different ratio for two circular flat plates with a thickness of 1 mm. Filling time, melt temperature, mold temperature, pressure holding time, and pure cooling time are chosen as input for the injection machine. The contribution of this study is the design of new geometry of the cold runner system for a reduction in scrap and cycle time and also easier ejection of the runner system in injection molding. These study outcomes show no short shot defect with the new geometry. Also, it was shown a significant reduction in scarp and cooling time. 25% and 2.5% reduction in scrap and cooling time were achieved compared to the round cross-section, respectively. Reduction in the contact surface of runner system with mold walls improved the easier ejection of runner system out of the cavity as well.

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