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Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box Manufacturers Tells You How To Improve Faults


We are a prominent and highly recognized China Optical […]

We are a prominent and highly recognized China Optical cable connector box manufacturers and China Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box suppliers. We can provide high quality metal castings with an annual production capacity high. nbstarlite's Optical cable connector box products at excellent prices to assist our customers to be Competitive in their own markets and industries.
Fault improvement plan
1. For power distribution cabinets with distribution transformer capacity of 100kV·A and above, the temperature control relay (JU-3 or JU-4 ultra-small temperature relay) and shaft should be considered in the side wall of the heat dissipation window inside the box. The flow fan is installed on the box on the left side above the control electric board so that when the temperature inside the box reaches a certain value (such as 40 ° C), the exhaust fan can be automatically activated, and the heat is forcibly discharged to dissipate the box.
2. A protection circuit is used to prevent the occurrence of external circuit failures in the power distribution box. Choose a small-sized intelligent phase loss protector. For example, the DA88CM-II motor phase loss protection module (Shanghai product) can be installed in the distribution box to prevent the motor from being burnt due to low voltage phase loss.
3. Improve the wiring mode of the low-voltage capacitor bank of the original distribution box, and change its installation position from the pile head on the AC contactor to the low-voltage inlet line of the distribution box and the meter. Prevent the metering device from being inaccurately measured due to phase loss failure or capacitor damage during operation of the capacitor circuit. In addition, the capacitor selection model should be BSMJ series products to ensure reliable and safe operation of components.
4. If a new power distribution gantry is added, a 2 mm thick stainless steel plate can be selected when making the distribution box casing, and the distribution box size is appropriately scaled up (JP4-100/3W type foundation used in agricultural reform projects) In the original box width dimension increased by about 100 mm, from the original 680 mm to 780 mm. The improved distribution box dimensions: 1300 mm × 780 mm × 500 mm), in order to increase the branches The electrical safety distance between the outlets and the outlets and the enclosure body is beneficial to the operation and maintenance of the electrician and the replacement of the fuses, as well as heat dissipation.
5. Use energy-saving AC contactor (similar to CJ20SI type), and pay attention to the AC contactor coil voltage connected to the corresponding terminal of the selected residual current action protector, pay attention to the correct load matching. When selecting an AC contactor, the product with insulation class A and above should be selected. The rated current of the main circuit contact should be greater than or equal to the load current of the line being controlled. The contactor's solenoid is rated at 380V or 220V, and the coil is allowed to be used in the range of 80% to 105% of the rated voltage.