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  • Hot-Stamping Parts in Vehicles


    Stamping Parts(XINGHUI), also called press hardening, is a process used to form very thin, but also very strong metals into automotive parts to reduce weight while also increasing strength and safety....

  • Designing Stamping Parts


    When you design a Stamping Parts(XINGHUI), do you consider how the design affects manufacturing costs? All too often stamped parts are designed to have certain features and tolerances with little cons...

  • Press Forming Process of Closed-profile Automobile Press Parts Without Flange


    Automobile Press Parts(XINGHUI) are required weight reduction and improvement of collision safety. Additionally, the rigidity of vehicle bodies is an important performance that affects driving stabili...

  • Rethinking Colored Bakelite Parts


    A slew of colored knob listings recently, has me wondering if all the colored Bakelite Parts(XINGHUI) are just painted. All these recent listings appear to be. Bakelite can be made to be just about an...

  • Optical Cable Connector Box Overview


    Optical Cable Connector Box, known as optical termination box (OTB) as well, is a compact fiber management product of small size. It is widely adopted in FTTx cabling for both fiber cabling and cable ...

  • Costs and Interests Analysis of Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box


    While making fiber to the home accessible, Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box (XINGHUI) is generally installed on the second floor of a building for the connection of the distribution fiber cable an...