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  • Design and Manufacturing of Sheet Metal Parts


    Design and manufacturing of Sheet Metal Parts (XINGHUI): Using features to aid process planning and resolve manufacturability problems. This describes an integrated system for the design and productio...

  • Solution Options for Welding Parts Suppliers


    For some companies, standard quality control inspections may be enough to protect against missed or defective welds. For example, Welding Parts Suppliers (XINGHUI) operations with smaller, less comple...

  • To Better Understand Metal Stamping Parts Presses


    In order to better understand the act of Metal Stamping Parts (XINGHUI) only the function of punching machine needs to be observed. The press consists of two main parts, the top, and the bottom. The t...

  • Why Use Plastic Injection Parts


    The principal advantage of Plastic Injection Parts (XINGHUI) is the ability to scale production en masse. Once the initial costs have been paid the price per unit during injection molded manufacturing...

  • A Force Rendering Model for Virtual Assembly of China Mechanical Parts with Clearance Fits


    Realistic force sensation can help operators better feel and China Mechanical Parts (XINGHUI) for virtual assembly. Moreover, for the VA of mechanical parts, it is necessary to consider their toleranc...

  • Hot Stamping Parts Has a Number of Advantages


    Compared to conventional stamping at room temperature, hot Stamping Parts (XINGHUI) has a number of advantages. First, hot stamping parts can homogeneously distribute strength and decrease spring back...