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Production Quality Requirements For Metal Stamping Parts


The quality requirements for stamping production of ele […]

The quality requirements for stamping production of electronic metal stamping parts factories are very strict. Therefore, we must strictly control the shape and size of the stamping parts:
 The first are the requirements for curved parts:
 1. The shape of the bending part should be as symmetrical as possible, and the bending radius cannot be less than the minimum bending radius allowed by the material.
 2 When bending the perforated parts, to avoid deformation of the holes
 3, the curved side is too short to be easy to form, so the straight part of the curved side H> 2δ should be made. If H is required to be short, it is necessary to leave an appropriate margin to increase H, and then cut off the added metal after bending.
 Second is the requirements for deep drawing:
 1. The shape of the drawn parts should be simple and symmetrical, and the depth should not be too large. To minimize the number of deep drawing and easy forming.
 2, the corner radius of the drawn parts without increasing the process. Otherwise, the number of deep drawing and shaping work will be increased, the number of molds will be increased, and it is easy to produce waste and increase costs.