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Selection Of Materials For Metal Stamping Parts


  Many customers hold a vague understanding when select […]

  Many customers hold a vague understanding when selecting materials for metal stamping parts. I don't know the performance of the raw materials mentioned, the difference between the selected materials, or whether the products delivered by the suppliers are true or not. Ningbo Starlite will show you how to choose stainless steel materials.

  Let's start with stainless steel, which is commonly used in metal stamping parts processing, and then we can divide it into various types. 201.301.304.316 ... etc. However, the numbering of these items is divided into domestic and imported items, which makes it impossible to start. 201 is a kind of high manganese and low nickel material, which will rust and have poor corrosion resistance. It is only suitable for making some internal structural parts. 301 is a soft and tough material, based on corrosion resistance and comparison, so most people think about 301 when choosing stainless steel. However, 304 are generally selected for communication, science and technology, and survival because of its chromium and nickel content reaching conventional corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance, as well as reliable material rebound and easy bending and stamping. As for 302, it can be said that it is a quite correct material in the processing of metal stamping parts. It not only has high chromium and nickel content and low carbon, but also has the function of resisting high temperature and chloride erosion. Therefore, 302 will be selected for processing metal stamping parts in most industries such as medical treatment, good-looking and catering.