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Several Steps Of Metal Stamping Parts Processing


  Now there are many occasions need to use metal stampi […]

  Now there are many occasions need to use metal stamping parts structure, metal stamping parts structure of the market demand has no other factors and changes. The processing of metal stamping parts is a relatively important industry. The development of metal stamping parts processing industry is relatively stable and also meets the needs of the development of the times. Perhaps you know less about the processing of metal stamping parts, then we will introduce you to the three steps of metal stamping parts processing.

  The three important steps are shearing, punching and folding. Generally, some metal sheets are plastically deformed by hand or die-stamping to form the desired shape and size, and more complex parts can be further formed by welding or a small amount of mechanical processing, such as chimneys, iron sheet furnaces and automobile shells commonly used in families are all metal stamping parts.

  From the above article, we can draw a conclusion that the main three steps of metal stamping are cutting, punching and folding. These three steps are simple to say, but no matter which one is, the operator needs to spend a lot of time to learn.