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Sheet Metal Parts Forming Common Problems And Solutions


Frequently asked questions when forming Sheet Metal Par […]

Frequently asked questions when forming Sheet Metal Parts: Wrinkle Crack, rebound spring back, Surface quality (collapse, slip line, seismic line) Surface quality( dent, slip line, skid line)


The main reason: As the sheet material is squeezed, when the primary and secondary stresses in the plane direction reach a certain level, the thickness direction is unstable, resulting in wrinkling.
Material stacking wrinkles: Wrinkles that become too much into the cavity of the cavity.
Instability wrinkles:
A. Thickness and instability of the sheet thickness direction.
B. Wrinkles caused by uneven tensile stress. (Example: door handle area)
Wrinkle solution
Product design:
A. Reduce the height of the flanging or the depth of shaping;
B. Connect the dramatic change area;
C. The wrinkle part of the product increases the shape of the suction.
Stamping :
A. Increase the pressing force and adjust the drawbead;
B. The process supplement increases the wrinkle shape;
C. Check the rationality of the drawing of the blank and the local material, and adjust the pressing surface;
D. Increase the forming process.
In the case of satisfying product performance, materials with better formability are selected.
Since the material exceeds its limit during the stretching process, it is unstable.
1. The rupture caused by insufficient tensile strength of the material, such as the convex and concave R angles, the partial force is too large to rupture.
2. The amount of deformation is insufficient and cracked, and the crack at the sharp point.
3. Stripe-shaped cracks, which are generally parallel to the direction in which the sheets are tied due to cracks caused by impurities in the material.


Cracking solution
Material: material with good drawing performance
Reduce strain:
A. Choose a reasonable blank size and shape
B. adjust the size of the drawbead
C. increase the auxiliary process (cut, etc.)
D. improve lubrication
E.modify the process addendum
F. adjust the pressing force