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The Essence Of Intelligent China Mechanical Parts Processing


  Many people, including China's mechanical parts proce […]

  Many people, including China's mechanical parts processing industry, simply equate automation with smart manufacturing. Be automation the processing of intelligent China mechanical parts? The intelligence we are currently making in smart manufacturing is more about the experience of Chinese mechanical parts processing being precipitated into knowledge and utilized. However, at present, the processing intelligence of Chinese mechanical parts still needs to be improved in the development of AI. The precipitation of such precision parts processing knowledge is at best the rule extraction and application of some precision Chinese mechanical parts processing plants.

  The original intention of intelligent Chinese mechanical parts manufacturing is to embody intelligence: First, by analyzing the empirical knowledge of Chinese mechanical parts processing, it can analyze and reason with a standardized form instead of manual input. This mode of operation is the Chinese mechanical parts. The summary of processing knowledge or experience is reused; the second is through the form of human-machine synergy.

  The processing of Chinese mechanical parts in a decision-making loop in a more effective form is still hoped to use human intelligence to reflect the intelligence of the entire Chinese mechanical parts processing process. The application of this method is human intelligence.