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Three Methods Of Reduce Processing Defects Of Plastic Injection Parts


  The processing of plastic injection parts refers to t […]

  The processing of plastic injection parts refers to the processing of forming and blank-making tools, in addition to shearing and die-cutting dies. During processing, defects sometimes occur. Nbstarlite will describe several small methods to reduce the processing defects of plastic injection parts.

  First, the reasonable use of cool and lubricating fluid, play the three major roles of cool, washing, and lubrication, keep the cool and lubrication clean, so as to control the grinding heat of the allowable range, so as to avoid the thermal deformation of plastic parts in processing. Improve the cool conditions during grinding, such as adopting an oil-soaked grinding wheel or internal cool grinding wheel. When cutting fluid is introduced into the middle of the grinding wheel, cutting fluid can directly enter the grinding area and play an effective cool role to prevent the surface of plastic parts from burning out during processing.

  Second, the grinding amount should be reasonably selected, and the fine grinding method with smaller radial feeds amount and even precision grinding should be adopted. If the radial feed rate and grinding wheel speed are appropriately reduced and the axial feed rate is strengthened, the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is reduced and the heat dissipation condition is improved, thus effectively controlling the rise of surface temperature.

  3. Reasonable selection and dressing of grinding wheel. The white corundum grinding wheel is better. Its performance is hard and brittle, and it is easy to produce new cutting edges. Therefore, the cutting force is small and the grinding heat is small. Medium grain size, such as 46 ~ 60 mesh, is better. Medium soft and soft (ZR1, ZR2, and R1, R2) grinding wheel hardness, i.e. coarse grain size and low hardness grinding wheel, has good self-excitation property and can reduce cutting to heat.