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1. If you do not know the specifications and specificat […]

1. If you do not know the specifications and specifications of the parts, you must look at the vehicle's certificate, instruction manual, engine certificate, etc., and also look at the nameplate of the car, the nameplate of the engine, the model of the vehicle, the date of manufacture, the factory number, etc. Purchase the same model. It is reminded here that the accessories of similar models produced by the same factory are not necessarily universal.

2, when buying accessories, you should try to use the scientific name or some of the titles that everyone can understand. Some buyers often arbitrarily name Automobile Press Parts, do not use the name of the standard parts, so they will buy the wrong materials. For example, some users have a 6-speed transmission and a 7-speed transmission with 6 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. In the forward gear, the one reverse gear transmission is called a six-speed transmission.

3, the purchase of auto parts to the credibility, service and other better parts of the distribution unit to buy, to buy the whole car as much as the choice of business. Can't buy his accessories because of the good relationship with the dealer.

4, buy auto parts, to be familiar with and master the famous brand, recognize the famous brand. In the past, it was rated as a product of the provincial superior department, and the honor period is 5 years. We should pay attention to master the information and purchase the famous famous accessories.

5, the purchase of auto parts must ask for an invoice, and indicate the detailed origin of the parts. These are all to protect their legitimate rights and interests and avoid buying fake and shoddy accessories.